No Matter How Many Diets You Have Tried Even If You Are Over 40...You Can Turn Your Life Around And Lose The Weight FOR GOOD!

Have you ever gone to...say White House Black Market (love this store!!) to try on a dress or pant suit for work and been so disgusted because nothing fits ....and you have left the store almost in tears? 

Frustrated with yourself and determined to lose weight, you frantically search for the latest and (supposedly) greatest diet/workout hoping that this time this one won't let you the last 10+ diets/workout generic programs you've tried before which left you even more angry at yourself AND added EVEN MORE POUNDS!!

If you could lose 40 lbs...imagine what life would be like??
Hey There!
My name is Nicole Simonin and I have been helping women shape it up since 2006!

I get the frustration of not fitting into your clothes, having negative self-talk destroy your self-esteem, feeling helpless with cravings and wondering what happened to your 20 year old body!

What if you could stop overeating and never be irritated buying clothes?

   Have you ever uttered these words to yourself over the past 3-4 decades...

"What the heck is wrong with me??"..."Why do I always sabotage myself?"..."How is it that I can be a smart, successful and STILL be struggling with an expanding waistline?"...I feel your pain!


There was a time in my life when I would mentally beat myself up over my let me tell you...

First off there is nothing wrong with you!

You have been following information that was not designed for you!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY there is one HUGE obstacle that is holding you back!

Your MIND!

No this is not some "whoo-hooey" stuff.

Once you can focus your frame of mind on what you really will be unstoppable.

I WISH someone had taught me about managing my mind years ago!

The "Turn Your Life Around" Program helps you cut through the hype and helps you create the life you have been dreaming about.

You will be AMAZED at what you will be able to do with this program!

Turn Your Life Around Program
The Turn Your Life Around Program is for you if...
  • You want to stop overeating
  • You want to end obsessing over food
  • You want an exact fat-loss program design for you
  • You want accountability
  • You want a step by step process to lose the inches forever
If you are looking for the next quick fix....some crazy insane workout program...or feel you have to beat yourself up physically and mentally...THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!
Here's what you get...
  • Custom designed (personalized for you) fat-loss program delivered via Shape It Up app
  • Weekly phone consults with Nicole helping you through your journey
  • Lifetime access to the Turn Your Life Around program inside Shape It Up's exclusive membership site
  • PLUS BONUS ACCESS to your Stress-Free Eating Guide, How To Crush Your Cravings, Ab Attack and many more surprises inside!
This program is risk-free.
Get a 7 Day Trial when you sign up today!
Pay nothing for 7 days - if you love it stay.
If you don't we part as friends and you will have paid nothing.
Are You ALL In??
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