Are You Ready To Turn Your Life Around?

Have you ever gone to...say White House Black Market (love this store!!) to try on a dress or pant suit for work and been so disgusted because nothing fits ....and you have left the store almost in tears? 

Frustrated with yourself and determined to lose weight, you frantically search for the latest and (supposedly) greatest diet/workout hoping that this time this one won't let you the last 10+ diets/workout generic programs you've tried before which left you even more angry at yourself AND added EVEN MORE POUNDS!!
If you could lose 40 lbs...imagine what life would be like??
You're an intelligent woman, who has climbed the career success ladder so why haven't you mastered your weight??
I'll tell you has nothing to do with you!
All those fad diets and insane workouts floating on the internet
were not designed with YOU in mind!
 Your hormones change once you are over 40.
What once worked for you in your 20's and 30's doesn't work now.
You need to approach your fat loss goals differently.
If you don't know the real reason you can't keep the weight off you
will forever be stuck in the yo-yo diet loop!

This is where I come in!

Hey There!
My name is Nicole Simonin and I have been helping women shape it up since 2006!

I get the frustration of not fitting into your clothes, having negative self-talk destroy your self-esteem, feeling helpless with cravings and wondering what happened to your 20 year old body!

Have you asked yourself...
  • why do I always sabotage myself?...
  • how was it that I can be a smart, successful career woman and STILL be struggling with my weight?...
  • what the heck is wrong with me??...

This is why I created "Turn Your Life Around in 6!"

Inside this 6 week online coaching program, you will learn everything you need to not only lose weight but to
keep it off for the rest of your life!

You are going to be amazed at how simple it is to lose the weight.
There are no shakes to buy, no weird food to get, no detox, no magic pills to take.
You need to move your body and eat nutritious foods but without knowing "the why" you will forever be losing and gaining weight....
and you know how frustrating that is!
No More Struggling With Complicated Diets and Workout Plans!
 Working 40+ hours per week so you can further your career, can be challenging to try to "fit" in getting in better shape...this is why my exclusive clients get programs designed to fit into their lifestyle.
All your Flex-Workouts are easily managed in the Shape It Up app.
Alleviate your meal plan anxiety with my easy to use "Stress-Free Eating" which is included inside this program!
This Program is NOT for Everyone!
If you are looking for the next quick fix....some crazy insane workout program...or feel you have to beat yourself up physically and mentally...THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!
But if you have 40 or more pounds to lose and you are done with dieting and are
ready to have PERMANENT RESULTS...
I want you to know that you can have it all!
You can have the career, the family, the lifestyle and the waistline that you desire!
I would love to show you how simple this program is and how it can work for you!
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